Foto: Grazia Sacchitelli

Brünn, Tschechien

The resident will be provided a studio shared with FaVU students on the premises of the Faculty of Fine Arts, depending on the technique that they want to work with. We can also lend tools and equipment, such as cameras, tripods, etc. For the list of the workshops see this link:

The resident will be provided accommodation in the Brno HOuse of Arts - House of the Lords of Kunštát.

The resident will have the opportunity present their work in the form of artist talk/presentation to the FaVU students.

The open call and the residency program is run by the Faculty of Fine Arts BUT.

The residency lasts a month and is carried out in February.


Chris Nägele
Grazia Sacchitelli
Iokasti Ioannou
Marika Volfova
Barbara Kachlikova
Petr Mucha
Benjamin Bronni
Denisa Krausovà
Barbara Karsch-Chaib